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Sacred Shapes

A look at the holy letters and the yoga poses they mirror

A 24" x 18" Wall Poster

Description: :Ida-Unger-Yoga-Hebrew-final-for-web.jpg

The Hebrew word for letter is 'oht' – sign. But, sign of what? The kabalists, revealers of the hidden side, said the letters were the tools of divine creation, conduits between the world of intent and the manifested whole, pathways between worlds. The letters were preserved and evolved through time, serving as the language, but also inspiring meditative states, and answers to inner questions.

The yoga poses act as energy conduits, connecting mind, body and soul within each practitioner. They further connect the energy between people practicing together and join each of us with The Divine Source. The practitioner gains strength, balance, flexibility and the ability to quiet the fluctuations of the mind, leading to states of awareness and peace.

Another understanding of the symbolism of the Aleph Bet speaks of the first nine letters as conduits for earth, the second nine letters vessels of heavenly nature, and the last nine shapes possessing cosmic dimensions. Those who practice yoga can relate to moments of opening and bliss that are beyond this plane, defining different kosas or levels of experience and being.

May these images serve to inspire peaceful states & greater connections for you and for us all.

With thanks to my teachers.


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Concept:  Ida Unger Art Design: Bonnie Felt Photography:  Gary Friedman

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